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DDA Dream Defence Academy is the best Air Force Coaching in Karimnagar,India. We have Experience trainners. Dream Defence Academy is the best Defence Coaching Institute  in Karimnagar,India with 14+ years of experienced Trianers.


HSC (Mathamethics,
Indian /Nepalise Applicant's must be 21years old


Indian / Nepalese
Only unmarried male
aspirants can apply for this recruitment.

Best Airforce Coaching in Karimnagar

When we consider Defence and Karimnagar, we can confidently  the heartland of the defence education stream. Thank you to the Indian Military Academy, which serves as the focal centre of defence education.

Air Force X Group is one of the most popular exams in the Non-Officer category. Every year, hundreds of defence aspirants prepare to join the Indian Air Force. In the context of Karimnagar, the  Best Airforce Coaching in Karimnagar should be one that provides a comprehensive range of services and facilities to students. For all defence aspirants finding the best Air Force Group X Y Group in Karimnagar. We are the best choice. Yes! Dream Defence Academy is the best Air Force Coaching in Karimnagar.


Indian Air Force Department has as of late discharged the enrollment warning to contract the contender for topping off different empty specialist and tradesman posts through this notice. Colossal quantities of applicants are connected for this enlistment. Here we will give the exam example and syllabus for the candidates simple arrangement and get great stamps in the examination.

  • Comprehension:

A) To judge comprehension.
B) Drawing of inferences.
C) Use of vocabulary.

  • Composition:

A) Agreement of subject with verb
B) Pattern of verb and their use.
C) Sequence of tenses.
D) Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex, Simple, Negative, Affirmative.

  • Grammar:

A) Spellings
B) Word formation
C) Antonyms and Synonyms
D) One word substitution
E) Correct usage of articles
F) Correct usage of Prepositions
G) Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison
H) Correct usage of conjunctions
I) Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns
J) Correct usage of numbers (Singular-Plural)
K) Words, which are commonly getting confused
L) Word order
M) Correct usage of Adverbs

  • Idioms and Phrases:
    A) Use of simple idioms
    B) Use of Common proverbs
  • Direct / Indirect sentences : Narration change:
    A) Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect form
    B) Change of various types of sentences from indirect to direct form
  • Active and Passive Voices:

A) Change of all types of sentences from active to passive form
B) Change of all types of sentences from passive to active form

    A) Physical World & Measurement
    B) Kinematics
    C) Laws of Motion
    D) Work, Energy & Power
    E) Motion of System of particles & Rigid Body
    F) Gravitation
    G) Properties of Bulk Matter
    H) Thermodynamics
    I) Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of gases
    J) Oscillations & Waves
    K) Electrostatics
    L) Current Electricity
    M) Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
    N) Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
    O) Electromagnetic Waves
    P) Optics
    Q) Dual Nature of Matter
    R) Atoms and Nuclei
    S) Electronic Devices
    T) Communication Systems
    Sets, Relations, functions
    2. Trigonometric functions
    3. Inverse Trigonometric functions
    4. Complex Numbers
    5. Quadratic Equations
    6. Sequence & Series (AP & GP)
    7. Permutation
    8. Combination
    9. Binomial Theorem
    10. Coordinate geometry – Straight line
    11. Coordinate geometry – Circles
    12. Coordinate geometry – Parabola
    13. Coordinate geometry – Ellipse
    14. Coordinate geometry – Hyperbola
    15. Exponential Series
    16. Logarithmic Series
    17. Matrices
    18. Determinants
    19. Limit & Continuity
    20. Differentiation
    21. Application of Differentiation
    22. Indefinite Integrals
    23. Definite Integrals
    24. Application of Integration
    25. Deferential Equations
    26. Probability
    27. Statistics
  • Group X examination time duration is 60 minutes.
  • Group X questions will be asking from English, Physics and Mathematics.
  • Group Y examination time duration is 40 minutes.
  • Group Y questions will be asking from English, Reasoning and General Awareness


Airmen Entry

Young males have the option to join the Indian Air Force as a career. The eligibility requirements to join the Indian Air Force in the airman category are shown below.


Technical Trades (16 – 22 years)

The candidate must have obtained a minimum of 50% of the possible points in their chosen subjects of MathematicsPhysics, and English in the Intermediate/10+2 or equivalent examination.


Three-year Diploma in Engineering from a recognized institution

Automobile/Computer Science/Instrumentation Technology) from a Govt. recognized Polytechnic/Institute.

About Air force X Group Exam:

An online, computer-based examination that lasts 60 minutes. It contains of 70 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from disciplines such as EnglishPhysics, and 10+2 Mathematics. You must enrol in our Air force X Group coaching to prepare for this exam. Air Force Y Group Exam: An online, computer-based exam with a 45-minute time limit. It comprises of 50 multiple-choice questions from disciplines such as English, Reasoning, and General Knowledge. To excel in this exam, all you need to do is attend our Air Force Group X Y Group in Karimnagar– Dream Defence Academy.


All Group ‘Y’ trades (16 – 20 years)

Group ‘Y’ Educational. Passed Intermediate/10+2/equivalent examination with Science Arts or Commerce courses with minimum 50 percent marks in aggregate and pass in each subject or 03 years Diploma in any stream of Engineering from a Government recognised Polytechnic/Institute.

Must have completed a three-year diploma course in engineering (Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Automotive/Computer Science/Instrumentation Technology/Information Technology) at a government-recognized polytechnic institute with at least 50% total aggregate.


  1. Exact aggregate percentage of marks up to the first decimal place for all subjects as listed on the Intermediate/10+2/equivalent Marks Sheet (For example 49.9 percent should NOT be rounded off to 50 percent ).
  1. The President of the Central Airmen Selection Board maintains the discretion to shortlist applications based on existing positions and the number of qualified applicants.

Education Instructor Trade (20 – 25 years)

  1. Graduation from a recognized university with a Teaching Degree or Diploma and a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.


(ii) B.A. (Hons)/B.Sc. (Hons)/BCA with a minimum score of 50% marks.


20 to 28 years

  1. A second-class M.A. is required. In English/Master of Science in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, or MCA.

Candidates who pass both the Written Test and the Physical Fitness Test are interviewed by a team of Warrant Officers. Those chosen for the interview will be medically evaluated by the Recruitment Medical Team in accordance with Indian Air Force Medical Standards. Only then will the candidate be chosen.

From Airman to Commissioned Officer: There are opportunities for advancement up to the rank of Master Warrant Officer (MWO). Opportunities to become a Commissioned Officer are also available to airmen who pass the required examinations later in their service careers.

It takes a lot of courage, discipline, and patience to train to be an air force officer. If you are young, you will feel a sense of exhilaration if you want to be a part of the enormous family known as the Indian air force. The desire to contribute to our native country drives the majority of us.

But did you realize that becoming an officer is not an easy task? There will be rigorous physical and mental training required. The instructors will plan every session and every day of your young life so that you can learn how to be a responsible person. They want you to understand the importance of teamwork, be able to work under pressure, and be respectful. During  Best Airforce Coaching in Karimnagar training, you will live with your teammates as if they were family. Training is one of the most crucial stages of life since it teaches you how to create camaraderie with your teammates.

It takes time to become an officer on par with your peers. It will be a difficult trip, but it will all be worthwhile in the end. You will learn knowledge and abilities that will help you in your future job as an officer. The army is one of our country’s most respected units, with numerous prospects for advancement once you have successfully completed your training. Continue your excellent work! It’s typical for parents to want their child to become a doctor, engineer, or other job that will provide them with a comfortable existence. But they have no idea. The world is becoming more competitive, and today’s children must ensure that their foundations are firm and that they are regularly built upon. As if it wasn’t difficult enough, they’ll be able to grow a strong body and learn how to use it appropriately and efficiently.

Training in a team for the best airforce coaching in Karimnagar teaches young people the value of teamwork and recognizing their function within that group. The Indian Air force takes great satisfaction in imparting the sense of cooperation and camaraderie that our country requires. When you finally go for the interview, you will stand out from the crowd, which might be a great advantage for you.