NDA Foundation Course

Dream Defence Academy brings two year NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagar for 10th passed students and aspires to be best nda foundation course in karimnagar with our subsequent and relentless efforts. Under this program,we cover the entire NDA syllabus with the aim to help each and every student crack the written examination of NDA foundation course .With the help of NCERT books,candidates can take their skills and knowledge to the next level and increase their chances to crack the exam in the first attempt.whether it is an Indian Navy,Airforce or Army our primary concen is to assist every student and prepare them for defence examas,especially NDA.

(11TH & 12TH) WITH

Defence & Merchant Navy Preparation- Two Years Residential Program

2 YEAR Integrated Programme For Class 11th and 12th

We strive to build a bright future for students by providing excellent classroom sessions. Dream Defence Academy provides an best  NDA foundation course in Karimnagar to make you the master of the fundamentals as well as tricks to solve the problems using effective techniques and strategies. We aspire to be the best NDA foundation Course in Karimnagar through our continuous efforts towards providing quality education for our upcoming heros.

We provide the best NDA Foundation course  in Karimnagar . Our process after the tenth grade is to begin shaping students at an early age and prepare them to clear NDA from a very young age. School studies and subsequent NDA classroom classes are conducted according to a strict schedule that is set by the academy. We are committed to providing students with quality education in order to prepare them for the competitive tests they will take during their military careers. We provide our students with comprehensive information about joining and pursuing their career paths, we also provide them with a clear understanding of how the procedure works. In most cases, the reason students fail is the fact that they do not know how to go from where they are now to where they must be. Students who wish to pursue their ambitions at our institution are provided with a comprehensive career counselling program.  As a part of this program, we are providing instruction and a setting for the development of the character, self-confidence, and most necessary leadership abilities that are essential to becoming a successful candidate for SSB.

The main vision of providing an NDA foundation course is to guide each and every student for the NDA defense exam under a single roof. 

Dream Defence academy aims to be the best NDA foundation course in Karimnagar as per its experience in the field of competent faculty, lofty infrastructure and updated and advanced strategies and  study material. This course aims at giving our youngsters the best skills and knowledge that are required for not only the foundation course but  for other courses including Airforce or navy. The best institute aims at synchronizing the student’s elementary course along with the nda foundation preparation in such a way that the student doesn’t feel pressurized or stuffed in pile of books. This course is considered to be best nda foundation course in Karimnagar as our faculty is innovative and experienced in the field so that they save a lot of energy of candidates by directing them right to their goal .

Our instructors are hardworking people of the highest level who have a real concern for the success of their students in the armed services and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. Being the best NDA Foundation course  in Karimnagar. We make it our goal to ensure that the students have a positive and joyful experience when they are acquiring new knowledge so that their minds are stimulated, and so that they acquire a passion for lifelong education. The children are able to cultivate healthy levels of self-esteem and acquire valuable life skills as a result of participating in this process, both of which will position them in a position of prominence among their peers. We provide a residential and extracurricular curriculum that is both exceptional and enviable in order to provide the students with the tools necessary to become contributing members of both the Indian armed forces and the worldwide community as a whole. 


Armed Forces are to perform the role of a saviour and hence compromising with the quality of its men would be ruinous. And it is for this purpose that the Armed Forces have adopted a very peculiar and scientific procedure for selecting men in its Officer Cadre. They realized that a man is not just the outcome of his heredity but also of his environment which work in close co-ordination and result into a unique behavioural pattern in him. The Armed Forces have realized the fact that success of any person depends upon his behavioural qualities and hence thorough scanning of qualities must be done before employing the candidate.

These qualities are referred to as the Officer Like Qualities or in short the OLQs. As of now a list of 15 OLQs has been designed of which a few of the qualities are trainable and the rest, non-trainable. SSB is not about one’s academic achievements it is all about how one projects oneself. The intelligence associated only with academic ability and academic achievement is of no use at all in the practical situations. Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Effective Intelligence are things that come into play there. Emotional Intelligence helps a person to respond effectively in unfavourable situations like difficulties coming one’s way, failures in one’s life and rejections and disapproval faced by one.

Social Intelligence makes a person interact with others according to the norms and situational requirements. A wrong decision may lead to chaos and discord. Hence, Social Intelligence helps in Social Adjustment. Effective Intelligence comes into play while facing practical situations of varying complexity. In practical life, solutions are either created or improvised. An intelligent person takes a total view of the situation and acts accordingly. It is a myth that the Armed Force do not need an intelligent lot. But the difference lies in their definition of Intelligence.

The 15 OLQs judged while selecting an officer in the Indian Armed Forces are as follows :-

  1. Effective Intelligence
  2. Reasoning Ability
  3. Organizing Ability
  4. Power of Expression
  5. Social Adaptability
  6. Co-operation
  7. Sense of Responsibility
  8. Initiative
  9. Self Confidence
  10. Speed of Decision
  11. Ability to Influence the Group
  12. Liveliness
  13. Determination
  14. Courage
  15. Stamina

Training imparted at the “ Dream Defence Academy” transforms the selected young boys into men of substance and capable leaders. Proficient skills, indomitable will and steely resolve,  boldness, virtues and an urge for the best all define a DDA Diamond.



  Fold your beds

  05 : 30 AM


  06 : 20 AM

  PT / Drill

  06 : 30 to 07 : 30 AM


  07 : 30 to 08 : 15 AM

  Academics (School)  08 : 30 to 01 : 30 PM
  Lunch  01 : 30 to 02 : 30 PM
 Doubt session  02 : 30 to 4 PM
  Evening classes 4:00 to 7:00 PM
  Dinner  08 : 00 to 09 : 00 PM
  Self-Studies / Doubt Classes                                                     09 : 00 to 10 : 00 PM
  Light Off  10 : 00 PM


The entrance procedure comprises the following steps:-

Advertisement inviting application from the candidates will be published in leading newspapers / DDA’s website and all its social media platforms in Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / Mar.

  • Entrance test will be held in Feb / Mar / Apr slot wise.
  • Merit list will be prepared on the basis of the performance of the candidates in the entrance test.
  • Candidates who do well in written offline / online test will have to undergo an Interview within 15 days of the written test.
  • Final merit list will be prepared and call letters issued to selected candidates within 10 days of interview.
  • Selected candidates will be required to join the Academy in April. (Exact Date will be mentioned in the joining letter)

Written Test (Offline/Online)

The written test will be conducted either offline or online depending on the circumstances and situation. The test will consist of four subjects, viz English, Mathematics, Science and General studies, based on IX-X (NCERT) Pattern. The questions will be of objective type and in English language only.


Candidates who qualify written test, will have to appear for Interview either in the Academy or on Zoom cloud meetings.

The interviews will be conducted by a team of trained retired Defence & Merchant Navy officers along with a Psychologist.

The interview will comprise a few elementary tests of intelligence and aptitude. The aim of interview is to assess the candidate’s level of motivation, intelligence, aptitude, confidence, personality and expression and communication skills.

Note:- The Academy will not provide any accommodation for appearing in the written test / Interview.

Candidates will not be provided with any Travelling Allowance (TA) for appearing in the Interview/Written Test.

KINDLY PAY ATTENTION:-   Honesty and Integrity will be of utmost importance. Please do not try to influence the selection procedure in anyway. A very close watch will be kept on any aberration and any candidate found guilty is liable to be expelled. Also, if any member of the staff tries to contact you with a promise to influence the selection procedure, bring it to the notice of the interview board so that a stern disciplinary action can be taken with immediate effect.

Take advantage of our best NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagar

Many students in our nation hope to specifically join the NDA in a really big way. To particularly achieve this goal, essentially make their parents proud, and literally serve the homeland requires years of actually hard labour, showing how pretty many students in our nation hope to basically join the NDA, which for the most part is fairly significant.

Dream Defence Academy founded by Mr M.Venkat Reddy provides the best NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagar. After tenth grade, you should actually consider enrolling in a foundation course if you plan to study for defence as well. For aspirant cadets in Class 11 and 12, the best NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagar is available at Dream Defence Academy, so after tenth grade, you should definitely consider enrolling in a foundation course if you plan to study for defence as well. As part of the schoolwork they normally do, this course aids in their early preparation for the National Defence Academy. In order to definitely assist student to learn much more effectively and kind of foster a sense of solidarity among course mates, we generally adhere to providing the greatest facilities particularly possible to them, actually contrary to popular belief.

We are offering the best NDA Foundation course in Karimnagar. After tenth grade, our process is to start shaping student from a very young age and prepares them to clear NDA. The academy adheres to a rigid schedule for school studies and subsequent NDA classes. Since our primary goal is to prepare students for defence competitive tests by giving them quality education. 

Emphasis has been placed on establishing fundamental concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, GK, and English, as well as sharpening analytical skills and parallel thinking processes, so that students are capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by simply applying basic concepts for a significant rise in their performance in NDA Preparation after 10th. Each student has developed their own TIME MANAGEMENT strategy to achieve maximum production. This allows students to succeed not just in the NDA but also in the XII Board Exams. Our fee structure is affordable. All of this combines to make us the best NDA foundation course in Karimnagar. The academy trains students not only to pass the written test, but also to do well in the SSB-Interview and personal interviews. We have a team of experienced faculty members who provides excellent guidance and the best NDA Foundation course in karimnagar to the students. We have established ourselves as the best NDA Foundation course provider in karimnagar due to our continuous success.

Reasons to Join Dream Defence Academy for the best NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagar

You have come to the right place if you want to pursue the best NDA Foundation Course in Karimnagr. Given below is the list of facilities offered by our academy to the students. 

  • In addition to providing our students with thorough information about joining and pursuing their career paths, we also provide them with an understanding of how the procedure works. The reason students fail is that they have no idea how to get to where they want to go. A comprehensive career counselling program is available to students who wish to pursue their ambitions at our institute.
  • We strive to create a learning environment that is both student-friendly and educational, so we can generate maximum output from our students and ensure that they are selected. There is a self-study room in our coaching facility, which are excellent learning resource.
  • Dream Defence Academy provides the best-experienced teaching faculty. The faculty is dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive education and support system possible. One of our institute’s fundamental beliefs is to make students feel comfortable enough to ask questions at any time.
  • Mock examinations that have been extensively redesigned and include prior year questions allow students to assess their progress. The purpose of special preparation sessions for exams is to help students eliminate all uncertainties and gain confidence when taking tests. Testing regularly helps them prepare for the NDA exam and removes any pressure, fear, or worry they may have.
  • When there are prompt courses for clearing up questions and flexible class times, students find it easier to study and prepare. The convenience and simplicity of answering questions as they arise are appreciated by students. The primary goal of our organization is to assist individuals in resolving all of their problems.
  • We offer classes and coaching for various defense-related competitive exams, including the NDARIMC, NAVY, and AFCAT. There are more military employment options for students who receive coaching for various competitive tests.
  • Along with assisting students in preparing for written tests, we offer seminars and mock interviews led by experts in the field. Due to its reputation as one of the toughest selection processes, students may have difficulty succeeding in SSB. The interview may be easily passed by students with the right preparation and assistance.
  • Online lectures, examinations, seminars, and other resources help students prepare for exams by providing them with online support. We offer students a unique set of online resources to review their complete preparation.
  • Dream defence Academy provides fully furnished hostel rooms for the outstation students. We offer a comfortable, loving atmosphere that aids in the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of young brains. The hostel consists of all types of basic amenities to the students. We provide every Hostetler a sense of a large family while residing on campus.
  • A wholesome, well-balanced meal is provided to students, which typically includes fruit, eggs, milk, butter, meat, and fresh vegetables. A vegetarian diet is available for those who are vegetarians. Students who are ill are also provided with medical care under medical guidance.
  • We provide students with educational tours to places like IMA Karimnagar, FRI Karimnagar, and historical sites in Karimnagar.